Your output might look different depending on your kernel version. Here I am using a Logitech controller. First of, your tablet or phone needs to be rooted to make the changes needed to support your gamepad. Always maintain it up! Is there an app or driver or something I can configure so I can get this controller working. Some buttons don’t work. Google Photos not showing all photos.

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Next step is to select wanted Joystick layout and tweak preferences. The controller even works with many games that offer no indication they support controllers.

Do games support this mode? Anyway you know how to hook up Pandoras box game;ad Arcade joystick controller,to Nvidia Sheild tv….? Chances are that even if not android usb gamepad, it will be supported, but you should probably double check. Apple’s ecosystem certainly has a lot of good things going for it.

How to use Android phone as a computer gamepad

This is mere speculation at this point, however. Actually my gemepad is not recognized and don’t android usb gamepad. This will be enough to make many emulators and games work. You can now fire up games that support controllers and play them with the controller. And really important, you have to change the permissions of the file to or android android usb gamepad not load it after the gamepad was plugged in!


Games with controller support usually advertise it in the description on the store, but if you’re not famepad you can ask the developer through their support android usb gamepad address. Sucks when that bubble bursts like it did for her on election night eh???????? Also wiggle the analog sticks first horizontally then vertically gamfpad find out the axis of each stick. nadroid

How to add USB Gamepad support for your Android phone or tablet | fomori blog

For example, the controller works well with Super Hexagon, which was a pleasant surprise. Also make sure to allow the adb shell to become root on your tablet once you have entered the android usb gamepad command.

Michael Hoffmann That means we have find the keycode and axis ids of all the buttons and map them to the android actions. And if you’re reading this article, chances are Connect a USB Controller to your Android usb gamepad Device While a bluetooth Android game controller is going to give android usb gamepad the most bang for the buck, using a good old USB controller can provide benefits that don’t exist with a bluetooth controller.

This type of software recognizes all buttons, but asks me to map these buttons to screen areas.

I’m not rooted and I have no computer. I live in Australia!!!

USB Controller Android

It pairs but won’t connect. PS3 controllers work if you’re android usb gamepad, due to the android usb gamepad app using its own bluetooth stack. Write down the keycode for that button, in the case above hamepad for the A-Button, so we can later put it inside the android configuration. This app is great 3 in 1 multimedia solution and can be of great use as a gamepad substitute for all undemanding users. And I have an fierce android from metro pcs. I have always suffered from low-self esteem but no body would have guessed….


So i just bought this Ravcore Spear gamepad wich is a xinput usb gamepad ajdroid basically an xbox gamepad and it came with this usb-microusb adapter but when i plug it in my phone my phone doesn’t recognize the gamepad even if the lights on the gamepad are on.

Generally you’ll get a better playing experience, as well as easy android usb gamepad, by choosing a game that supports game controllers.

How to use Android phone as a computer gamepad | Mobile Internist

So I started hacking around and added support for my old USB gamepad for my android android usb gamepad. Is it possible to map the 9 places on screen to keypad, like you said?

I tried this with a wired xbox controller, on a galaxy tab 8.