I though the same. You can see the photo of mine here http: I used to have that card too. That will help you alot. Follow the instructions on screen. This seems to be a recurring theme these days.

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I thought, this is what real studio sounds creative x fi asio, lol. I think it’s probably at the hardware level that when the asio is in use it dedicates the cards resources to that. The Calibration might not be an issue with the X-Fi series good!

Give creative x fi asio a try. Kosmology Beta-testers Full Member Posts: Seiishu on April 15, By helping me as only one individual, you’re also very likely helping others who are experiencing same issues too. I will try it as soon as I am home from work.

It could be dead. No creative x fi asio will creative x fi asio your computer, asii They are probably not testing their driver installation package with a 64 bit host. Restart your computer when prompted. Ursamtl was great walking me through everything so you can definitely learn a lot there.


I think asio4all is a wrapper for the existing Windows driver, but at it’s heart it’s crreative for realtec sound cards which are very common in laptops. I’ve been told to disable these two options see red arrows in order to get better results and performance, so I disabled them.


I guessed it right I did not know that. April 20, Anyone has any insight on which device would be preferred?

D ASIO4all, you have served me well, but it’s time to move on. It’s been a long time since I’ve used sound Blaster cards, I use to use the AWE 32 and later soundblaster Lives in gigging boxes as samplers, and as I remember it I think they behaved the same way.

U can see that in Vegas: One word – Horror. Now I see the fine print: Is there anyone out there in Creative x fi asio 8.

Wow, I just realized Creative Sound Blaster forums are full of angry customers crying and begging for driver updates. View More Photo Galleries.

SoundBlaster X-Fi HD A.K.A Sound Blaster Digital Music Premium HD ASIO support

I didnt bought it on internet so here where i live i cant return it Well the outs were quite noisy, but the sampler had a digital out pin on the board itself, so I hacked together a cable and fed it digitally into creative x fi asio EWS64 XL which also had a Waldorf Microwave onboard which was creative x fi asio main card for Cubase at the time. They must have removed them with the x-fi line? You creatige probably in either game mode or entertainment mode.

Last Drivers  AOC 931SN DRIVER

Remember as well to reconfigure your outputs in whatever software you use.

Asio output on Sound Blaster X-fi HD help

Download the file onto your local hard disk. Small little tiny trick: Detect silences between audio tracks in analog content and automatically record the content in separate files. That’s what counts and I thank you for that.

Apparently there was one update in January and Creative x fi asio am running those drivers that are suppose to fix a lot of things