Led Power Bank in Delhi. This also prevents the PC in a vertical placement from tipping over. Mount the disassembled foot on the PC unit. Removing the Cover Remove the feet, if any, from the PC unit. Connect the Power Cord When you attach a peripheral device such as the display to your PC, plug its power cord into socket by following the instructions given.

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Bathroom, shower room, and other location with water splashes. Location with a fire source. The tray goes into the computer, and sets the CD. We are conducting seminars on regular intervals of time to keep update our workers with the ongoing market developments and trends so that they can stand with the ever-changing demands and needs of the clients. When the ball and the inside of the mouse are dry, reassemble the ball and cover. Foot Used for placing the PC.

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Point The remaining part of this manual assumes vertical placement. Fix the foot by tightening the setscrew. Point To deskpowr a memory module, open module hooks at both sides dedkpower the slot. Hard Disk 4 Hard Disk This section provides cautions on handling the hard disk drive. Removing the Cover Remove the feet, if any, from the PC unit. Any procedures described in this document for operating Fujitsu products should be read and understood by the operator before such products are used.


If the product has been exposed to rain or water. When you turn on the power for the first time, you need to set deskpowrr Windows.

Installing An Expansion Card Before installing or removing an expansion card, turn off the PC and all devices connected to it, and unplug them.

Fujitsu DESKPOWER 5000 Series Manuals

Do not bend the disk or put a heavy object on it. If the deskpoder freezes during setup, or if you have any other problem, see the following items.

Page 17 Disk access lamp This lamp lights up while the hard disk is accessed. The data may be lost, if Category 3 cable is 55000. The customer is responsible for maintaining the integrity of data including the basic and application software stored or installed on the product.

Esc key Pressing this key cancels the operation the application program is executing. Read the [License Agreement] carefully, and click [I agree], and then [Next]. We have been authorized by Microsoft Corporation in the U. Page 12 Organization of This Manual Before Reading This Manual This section contains cautions for safe operation, representations and symbols used in this manual.

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Inlet Connect the power code of the PC unit to this connector. Offiworld Venture P ltd. Windows, or when recovering from the energy 55000 mode. Before installing or removing a memory module, turn off the PC and all devices connected to it, and unplug them.

Point You can also mount five rubber feet at the center and four corners of the PC bottom plate during horizontal placement. Horizontal Placement inch or less CRT display unit below 19kg can be despkower on the PC housing in horizontal layout.

Reinstall the upper cover. Contact Seller Deskpowee a quote. Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning.

When you place the PC unit horizontally, be careful about geometrical difference. For the standard configuration, memory is installed in DIMM1.