Figure 1 shows the calculated frequency response for the JX92S in a 1. It’s a little marginal on my P-P 6B4G amps. These are all very important, especially the stuffing. At 1W it would be closer to 85 dB. They seem to be a bit on the power hungry side, but sounded amazing with a pair of McIntosh MC monoblocks.

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Jordan JX92S DIY Tower Loudspeakers

But don;t permanently install it until you finish paint or veneer the box. I have been working on these for quite a while now cut the wood over new years. I jx9s “Liquid Nails” adhesive from Home Depot to glue the felt in. As the off-axis response shows clearly, output in the treble region rolls off sharply red trace and toe-in can therefore also serve to titrate the amount of treble energy that reaches the jordaj.

You can use the component values shown in Figure 3 and tune the BSC to suit your jordaan and amplifier. In the case of the speaker, it translates to easily-heard differences depending on what gear it likes to be paired with and what gear it does not. Isolpads under electronics, Standesign stand Room size: Product Reviews Loudspeakers Quicklinks.

The low-end response in this enclosure is quite admirable for a 4″ driver: The first thing I noticed is a level of clarity I had never heard out of bookshelfs, though I do not have a lot of experience with high end ones either. Building it – Updated – fixed dimensions!


It’s a little marginal on my P-P 6B4G amps. Next, all the internal felt pieces need to be fit. Even the Ridges’ side vents, despite their at times boomy bass, managed to remain unobtrusive as long as I kept the speakers a few feet away from corners and walls, relatively jotdan to do in a 20′ x 20′ room.

Jordxn reviews I agonize over for weeks. Several things have to happen before you glue on the other side. Widebander would arguably be a more accurate term to describe the 40Hz to 20kHz range covered by the Jordan alloy cone but 40 to 20, cycles out of four inches probably deserves a little bragging. Figure 1 shows the calculated frequency response for the JX92S in a 1.

The first thing j92s after cutting all the pieces out is to make an open box out of the front, back, top, and bottom.

I had the store cut the sheet in half so I could handle it by myself on the table saw. The enclosure design for this loudspeaker project is shown below in Figure 2. The cabinet design being public, the Ridge is not the only speaker using it.

This driver is also the least directional full-range driver I’ve used. It has full bass that’s very well controlled, a lively high end that’s very non-directional, and sweet mids. What’s new New posts Latest activity.


Jordan JX92S Fullrange Speaker Driver (Transducer)

My latest, and best speaker project: Once the paint is dry, you need to install the stuffing as shown in the drawing above, then the driver and the input terminals and wiring. I have never been so grateful for light speaker construction. With the speakers’ axes crossing a few feet behind me, imaging became more defined and precise although never razor sharp.

It will cost you the same. While it is relatively expensive, to me it is worth every penny and more. Whether a side effect of the large baffles or transmission line I don’t know but you’ll never mistake the Ridge for a mini monitor. Thankfully I was allowed to move them back to my office or the living room for a few hours at a time to assess how they sounded in other systems.

Frederic Beudot Digital Source: They will give an otherwise tippy speaker some stability.