The sound is a lot more compressed and some nuances are lost. The ToneDirect system as implemented in the UX8 actually gives you the best of both worlds. Since I own a Presonus Firepod a digital-audio firewire interface also equipped with 8 mic inputs and belonging in the same price range , I was able to compare both interfaces. Using Gearbox in plugin mode allows you to have multiple instances at the same time. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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Nevertheless, in the end, I was able to get some convincing results out of both interfaces and I’m sure that most ilne could find something they like within the multitude of modeled amps. I recorded an acoustic guitar a Takamine EG with a large diaphragm condenser mic an Lkne It also has other useful facilities for guitarists – besides the obligatory tuner there’s a phrase trainer, which you can load and loop audio from hard drive, CD or internet for full or half-speed playback.

Line 6 TonePort Ux8 Recording Interface | eBay

Normally when recording guitar using computer-based amp modelling, the modelling software would be inserted into the recording track as a plug-in with only the dry sound actually recorded – allowing a choice of plug-ins at the mix stage. The UX8 is a 2U rackmountable box with controls on the front panel and all the connections round the back barring a pair of instrument inputs and a pair of headphone sockets that have been logically placed on the front right where you can get at them easiest.

Our reviews are the best. Line 6’s hardware simulation seems to be ahead of their software counterparts, but maybe an update one of the advantages of software could close the gap.

This means your lien won’t be compromised while taking advantage of software routing options that allow recording of the full sound, or the amp-simulated sound without any ljne or modulation effects.


Using Gearbox in plugin mode allows you to have multiple instances at the same time. Your audio interface records the direct untreated signal from your guitar and then sends it through the amp modeler. This lets you create many submixes and to assign them to the physical outs 1 to 8. I activated the high-pass filter on the UX8 to make sure that it was working, and actually, it worked quite well.

Line 6 TonePort UX8 review | MusicRadar

Guitarists used to their tube amps might be troubled, and who could blame them; here’s a sound kine simulates the tone of an amp recorded by a mic and ready to be recorded.

If the singer wants to use an amp simulation on her voice, just run another instance on another track. I noticed only a few differences and neither interface really outshone the other. For practice use there’s also an eight-step programmable drum machine with kick, snare and hi-hat sounds or a plain metronome.

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The only limit is your computer. By arming an extra recording track you can also simultaneously record the dry guitar sound increasing your range of options at mixdown. As for analog inputs, in the back there are 8 Ljne mic inputs, and 8 asymmetrical Line inputs in jack format 6,35 mm.

Once the stress of recording is finished, you can tweak your sound, change the amp Drivers Lets take a look at the software end of the Ljne. Pros Great for recording guitar.

Line 6 Toneport UX8

And even though the knobs seem a bit flimsy, it has a more serious look to it than the rest of Toneport series. Gearbox The real strong point of Line 6 audio interfaces, including the UX8, is the accompanying amp modeling software: One must be careful with mics that have a weak output signal: You can access the pedal controls by clicking on the pedal stomp box in question, and you can also quickly activate it or deactivate it, It’s as if you were playing next to the mixing uxx8 in a studio and the amp was on the other side of the glass, in the recording room.

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The plug-in sound you’re using while us8 may not end up being the one you use for the track but it’s the sound you’ll monitor while playing and, with the round trip through the computer, may possibly be heard with a slight delay due to latency.

Line, mic or even instrument for the first two. To do the same thing with a real amp you’d have to buy a re-amping box which would adapt the level that comes out of your sound card or console to the level of your amp input.

Line 6 TonePort Ux8 Recording Interface

Cons Not the best solution for non-guitarists. But if guitar plays a lune part in the music that you record, the UX8 will provide you with almost all of the amp and effects tones you’re likely to need and a totally painless way to record them.

Line 6 Toneport UX8.

Regardless of the GearBox software, the UX8 does the business as an audio interface for any sound.