HP EliteBook x G3. The touchpad below the keyboard is woefully small. Razer Blade Stealth It’s so lightweight and compact that if you put it in your satchel, you’d probably forget it was even in there. An ultraportable change of pace from a company that made its name in the gaming PC business, the PS42 is a solid first shot. Even HP, which is known for its imprinting technology, failed to do anything out of the ordinary with the dvus’s design.

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Larger than average hard drive. That material is etched aluminum, which lends an air of sophistication to the otherwise stodgy-looking design.

MSI PS42 (8RB)

Battery life is also average for a premium ultraportable, though at 10 hours mwi 26 camwra on our battery rundown test, it’s a bit on the low side.

The webcam is mounted below the screen in the hinge, where it mostly captures a view of your knuckles if you happen to be typing during a Skype session. You may mxi from the newsletters at any time. Vasudev Dec 27, at 9: The PS42 far outpaces every machine shown on the chart with Intel’s integrated graphics chip on both our synthetic 3DMark gaming tests and our Heaven and Valley gaming frame-rate simulations.

There’s a lot of room for improvement, though. Easy Face uses the unit’s webcam to scan your facial features and compare them to a stored image—meaning only you can login to the U Even HP, which is known for its imprinting technology, failed to do anything out of the ordinary with the dvus’s design.


MSI PS42 (8RB) Review & Rating |

Bass is almost non-existent, and the laptop failed to fill our living-room-size audio-testing room even at maximum volume while watching several movie trailers on YouTube.

Pros Excellent screen quality. Still, it’s more than powerful enough to handle everyday tasks such as word processing, web browsing, and videoconferencing. But the PS42’s very bright matte display still manages to display crisp text and vivid colors.

Because the borders around the display are so thin, there’s no room to stick msl webcam in the conventional spot, centered above the screen.

MSI U100 laptop webcam drivers

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. The backlit keys are large and well-spaced, although they have the short travel distance that you’d expect from such a thin laptop.

The PS42 boasts upward-facing speakers that occupy a significant amount of space above the keyboard, but their lackluster quality is about what you’d expect from a thin-and-light laptop. Jefferies Dec 21, Besides caamera optimal data security and protection functions, the Wind12 U’s webcam also comes with MSI’s all-new webcam application software, including: This is very important in my decision between these two laptops.

An MSI shield is etched into the back of the display, which evokes the laptop’s gaming heritage and will certainly stand out in a college lecture hall that is likely full of half-eaten fruit logos.


Battery score is the worst among its peers. Its battery life may not inspire frequent travelers, but the U is equipped with many parts that typical netbooks don’t give you. I have the U and tho I cannot vouch for the msk on the. Playing p video content, though, was disappointing more on that below.

Verify it’s off by opening up the Windows camera app, which should display an error message explaining that it can’t find a camera.

Noisy, hard-to-press mouse buttons. Matte finishes are common on gaming laptops but rare on ultraportables, which tend mi support glossier screens that make colors appear more vivid. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The 50 Best iPad Games. The U-series Intel Core processors have low power-draw requirements, run at low base clock speeds 1.

MSI Wind U Webcam Quality | NotebookReview

There’s significant flex if you press on the large speaker grille jsi of the keyboard, and even more flex on the bottom border of the display, where the MSI logo is. With pre-installed MSI exclusive software bundles, this I am also looking at the Acer t which I have read comes with a 0.

Not many netbooks can claim those specs.