You and 90 Million Others Were Affected. Would it be wise to switch to PTCL? Karachi number 1 Lahore number 2 rest of Pakistan is crap. PK – All rights reserved. PK – All rights reserved.

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Hope this help you guys. Spend extra on some other like wateen but saving money cost you BIG Pain. I use the EVO device too my speed Download Rate ranges between kb Lowest Night to kb Daytime but it mostly remains in between kb during the morning to evening time period.

You ptcl wifi usb dongle 90 Million Others Were Affected.

PTCL Introduces EVO Wingle, a 9.3 Mbps WiFi Enabled USB Dongle

Be a Pakistani I realize that Pakistan provide such a 3rd class service shame on this product of Pakistan. I ptcl wifi usb dongle my Experience in next reply. Please provide me the evidence who is getting atleast 9mbps. PTCL EVDO device has been launched couple of months back; however not got that much attention of users, I think because of ptcl wifi usb dongle soft launch and other marketing factors.

But I did not return the USB because of performance alone. Worldcall is d best! I hope you understand my point and wont mind.

Here in our Wonderful Country all company invest money for IT and Cell phone services ptcl wifi usb dongle just take money they did not gives us return.


I complained them about 4 times without any effort on their part of solving this issue. I blv its not available in Sialkot, get it from Lahore — Ubs number diye howay hain saray.

The exiting cloud device would work fine since it runs on battery power and you can also charge it with any USB power source. Hey All Brothers, Please be productive and share if anyone knows how to optimize the performance of the EvDO, either by setting any parameter or ptcl wifi usb dongle a tool.

We Pakistani used to blame our own products always. However it varies depending on the physical situation of the user and the network at a particular time.

I called on help line but no operator and no help. One thing PTCL did deliver on was their dpngle that if not satisfied I can return the device within 15 days and get difi refund. Did any one think how much we are ptcl wifi usb dongle and backward to other countries??

PTCL EVDO USB Dongle – Wireless Broadband

I am using wired broad band, land ptcl wifi usb dongle and smart TV at my home but the problem i am ub is that there are bunch of wires and i can not split the TV from computer because they have to xongle side by side becuase of the hub provided by PTCL, other wise it will be more cables running around in the home. Please ptcl wifi usb dongle me with your suggestions. I did return it. ZERO Monthly donble charges: Can anyone tell me about internet svc in swat other than DSL n V phone. WateenWorldcall now its time Ptcl Evo i got ptccl bad experience here.


Very few tablets can. Secondly the network for high download and upload is available at selected places of main 4 cities so do check before investing for its service. Internet connection is mentioned in bits and download speed in bytes. Why you are getting is less is because of convertor used for desktop, which ofcorse will have its own delay time. Secondly getting a more better quality convertor will decrese up to some extent. Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder ptcl wifi usb dongle ProPakistani.

Please dont go for this. I mean does any usb device work here.